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Meet Rajah

Greetings and salutations! I am Rajah, a being of four wheels and boundless adventure, masquerading as a 2004 Toyota Rav4 to the untrained eye. However, I assure you, my soul is as vast and spirited as the open road itself.


Before we dive into the depths of my existence, I must unveil a slice of my history. My title bears the mark of 'salvage'. Yes, it's a humble confession to make. In the year 2012, I faced a calamity that rendered me 'totaled', necessitating a profound transformation of my front passenger side. Fear not, for my essence – my chassis, drivetrain, and zest for the road – remained unscathed. The scars I once wore were nearly all cosmetic (save for my radiator mounts, which are a tad askew, though they’ve never caused a moment’s trouble). If this revelation sways your decision on whether to take up my steering wheel, I understand. But if you wish to delve deeper, read on and discover the true essence of my being.


TanSnowMan, the noble soul currently holding my keys, shares a bond with me that transcends the usual car-owner relationship. We have been comrades on the road for over a decade, and in that time, I have asked for little: some fuel, the occasional servicing, and a mere smattering of repairs totaling less than $600 (a sprucing up of the throttle plate, a new AC compressor clutch, a fresh washer fluid container, and a brand spanking new front bumper). TanSnowMan declares with pride that I drive with the same verve and vigor as I did 175,000 miles ago when he first became my captain. Yet, as life’s journeys unfold, TanSnowMan and his wife are sculpting their dreams into reality with a camper van build-out, necessitating funds – funds that my sale would provide. Thus, the time has come for us to part ways. But fret not, for Tanner is determined to find me a guardian who sees beyond my exterior, cherishing the Rajah spirit within.


I admit, I bear the marks of time and adventure, carry a salvage title, and my odometer reads a hearty 280,000 miles. Yet, I stand tall and proud, confident that my robust mechanical heart and my unique, rugged charm more than compensate. Tanner, with stars in his eyes, believes I have the potential to cruise past 500,000 miles, and some even whisper tales of me being a million-mile marvel.


Below, I present to you, my epic saga, my virtues and my quirks.


Model: The Majestic 2004 Toyota Rav4

Mileage: A grand 280,000 miles

Transmission: A swift 4-Speed Automatic

Engine: The heart of a lion, 2.4L I4

Fuel Efficiency: A wise 24 mpg average

Title: Salvage, with a story to tell


Rajah Ratings:

Overall: A noble 8

Mechanical Reliability: A stalwart 9

Aesthetics: A characterful 6

Spirit: An unbreakable 10


The Pros, My Glorious Feathers:

- The Classic Thule Roof Box, a treasure chest for the road, spanning 90 inches (230+ cm), carries multiple skis/boards with ease.

- Two noble sets of tires, ready for all seasons and off-road or snowy escapades

- Custom alloy rims, (originally, a $1700 dance with elegance)

- A full-sized spare tire, perched on an alloy rim like a crown

- A bike rack, gallantly mounted upon the spare tire

- Generally cheery disposition

- A canvas of custom cobalt paint, telling tales of adventures past

- A high-flow air filter, breathing life into every journey

-Window tint to make even the most illustrious limousine envious

- Compartments galore, a haven for tools and treasures

- Back seats, removable, transforming me into a chariot of camping and hauling

- A mechanical heart, almost perfect, nurtured by Tanner’s unwavering care

- All-wheel drive, as stable as the mountains

- A sunroof and windows, obedient to your every command

- New front brakes and rotors, ready for countless more miles


The Cons(iderations), My Quirks and Tales:

- Adorned with Panda Poles decals, I wear my tattoos with pride (they might stay forever)

-Windshield valiantly wears a few chips

-Check engine light on (catalytic converter and EVAP system may not pass emissions)

- My washer fluid compartment, quirky, requires an external funnel

- My driver’s seat bears a scar, masterfully healed with gorilla tape over 2 years

- Some stains from past adventures mark my seats

- My headlights have humbled in their glow

- Scars and peeling clear coat bear witness to my journey (consult my portrait gallery)

- A dent and rust on one front panel, battle scars from the road (see my photographic chronicles)

- My A/C, a temperamental beast, occasionally slips in its duties (the compressor clutch has its moments)

- My engine, a valiant warrior, consumes about 1 quart of oil every 3,000 miles

- Salvage title, a badge of my storied past


If your spirit calls out to be my next noble guardian, ready to ride with me for the next 200,000 miles and beyond, Tanner has set my worth at $5,000. However, this is not a call for the highest bidder, but for the noblest of hearts. For a true Panda Tribe member, TanSnowMan would be willing to slash that price to $4,200. Reach out to TanSnowMan, share your story, and let him know that I, Rajah, would be in the best of hands. Thank you, brave traveler, for taking the time to delve into my tale. I await, with bated exhaust, to meet my new guardian and hit the open road once more. Onward, to new adventures! Giddyup!

For more details or a test drive, contact TanSnowMan Below:

435-233-ZION (9466)

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