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Video Editing

You provide the content. We provide a finished edit.

Simple as that...

Basic Edit

  • Up to 30 minutes of raw footage.

  • 1-2 min. edit.

  • Basic titles, transitions, and color correction.

  • Montage



Advanced Edit

  • Up to 45 minutes of raw footage.

  • 2-4 min. edit.

  • Advanced titles, transitions, and color correction.

  • Montage


Pro Edit

  • Up to 1 hr. of raw footage.

  • 2-4 min. edit

  • Pro titles, transitions, color correction, and color grading.

  • Voice Over/Narration



Animated Logos

Help create the best first impression. Give your content a professional feel with a custom, animated logo, generated from one of over 500 unique templates.

$49 (rendered in 720p)

$99 (rendered in 1080p)

Custom Editing Packages Are Available



Call us at 435-233-ZION (9466)

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